24 / 7 green energy,Zero fuel cost, Ocean thermal energy conversion is a promising, proven technology.

Ocean thermal energy conversion ( OTEC )

In warm countries the temperature difference between warm and cold sea water is sufficient to be able to produce electricity effectively! There are working systems around the world. Bill Gates and Richard Branson are both interested in developing it.
OTEC is a great economic hope for tropical island nations around the world; OTEC has no fuel cost and can operate 24/7.
OTEC could transform the economies of many small island nations.
There are working OTEC systems around the world; OTEC is a proven technology!
The cold water is located up to 1000 meters beneath the sea surface – in some places this deep water is actually quite close to shore; the cold water is close enough to be plumbed to shore where power can be produced on land.

The problem

Typically, a pipe has been proposed to plumb the water from the depths.
The cost of the pipe has thwarted the progress of OTEC.
Pipes have been lost at sea.
Even 300 mm pipe have cost £5 million to install, not nearly low cost enough for OTEC to work as it would require several for only a small installation.
Pipes are difficult to transport, assemble and install; allot of time and work is required to complete the construction and installation process and it is risky, once a pipe is broken that is that.