180 kw Unit for saleā€¦lease and save money from year 1 !

What am I buying ?

Leases are offered at a premium, place a deposit and receive a substantial discount.


A 180 kw NEW OTEC unit, the main parts include;
Two heat exchangers, an evaporator and a condenser.
An Ammonia pump.
A turbine, generator and inverter
The necessary sea water pumps.
Hoses and couplings.

What is not included?

Transmission extras such as transformer and energy storage extras such as Batteries and battery inverters.

Services included :

The service will include all necessary steps to provide you with a NEW OTEC unit including the installation of the hoses..
What is not included?
Groundworks, Landscaping, laying, burying transmission cables etc. However, we have connections with a fully licenced marine engineering firm who would be able to complete, groundworks and Landscaping.