New OTEC cold water delivery is millions of $ cheaper than traditional OTEC on a small scale.


New OTEC uses hoses and a submersible water driven pump to plumb the water from the deep sea.
The use of hoses radically changes the cost of installation.
Plumbing the cold water is no longer a prohibitive expense on small scales.
We can unravel 50 meters of hoses in seconds. .
Installation would take one day


The world’s first small scale, low cost, OTEC system...

Due to the flexibility of hoses the cold water requirement is no longer prohibitive to development of OTEC on small scales.
We have designed a 180 kw OTEC unit.
180 kw would provide power to 180 people in Europe.
The unit is ready for sale or lease.
The unit can be deployed on or offshore.
The unit is around 5 m x 5 m x 1.5 m.

How our 180 kw OTEC unit will look...

Power for 180 homes !

180 kw will provide enough to provide power to all of the homes shown in this image below. A 180 kw OTEC unit is shown roughly to scale with 300 mm hoses delivering the cold water

A floating offshore unit...

The 180 kw offshore unit will be capable of floating or being submerged.
Both onshore and offshore embodiments will ideally have 600 mm hoses ( shown below ).