3 times more productive than a wind turbine, 5 times more productive than a solar PV unit…1000 times more space efficient.

Why OTEC ?

The three main advantages of OTEC are;

24/7 green energy – the sea teperatures are more or less constant day and night.
No fuel requried – unlike oil and gas, there is no consumable fuel
Low space requirment - Most of the parts in the OTEC systems are tiny; OTEC is up to and over 1000 times more productive per acer than solar PV –

Advantages for remote locations;

Energy independence – no need to import expensive fuel.
No diesel generators – since OTEC is base load it can replace the base load requirement met by the diesel generator as it works day and night.
Low space requirement - in the case of our single unit, solar pv would reqiure at least 5 acres ( assuming 20 % capacity factor) and an extensive battery bank to produce the same ammount of power; the single OTEC unit is, 5 m x 5 m x 1.5 m meters in size.

OTEC uses off the shelf parts and established technolgies and practices.

OTEC is not nuclear fusion, or solar PV 20 years ago... in fact the concept is 100 years old, that is to say, OTEC would have worked 100 years ago if the cold water delivery had been possible.
As long as the cold water can be delivered for a reasonable cost there no great problem with the cost of OTEC; OTEC only comprises some of the the most common technologies in the world;
Heat exchangers
All of these technologies are already available ‘state of the art’ and some already mass produced !
OTEC uses big heat exchangers compared with traditional Oil and gas power generation systems;
The only thing which makes OTEC unusual is the size of the heat exchanger required; the lower the temperature difference available, around 20 degrees difference in the case of OTEC, the greater the duty of the heat exchanger is compared with the power output. The OTEC heat exchangers must be larger than usual, but the actual cost of the OTEC heat exchanger is dependant on the price of metal and which metals can be used; since the ammount of metal required is not overly expensive, nor is the cost OTEC heat exchanger.
The main component is a shell and tube heat exchanger
OTEC compared with wind power.
A 200 kw OTEC turbine compared with a 200 KW wind turbine; three wind turbine and an extensive battery bank would be required to produce the same ammount of power as this tiny turbine,( bottom right).